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A creative company based on global expertise and trust


Business Area

We have achieved competitiveness in the core areas of three sectors.

Environment · Infrastructure Business

IVAYA CORPORATION is a company that empathizes with the environmental issues of the international community and pursues sustainable management. For this purpose, it is building a system and technology that allows many people to coexist with less resources with a long-term perspective.

IVAYA CORPORATION is a company that is committed to achieving the carbon neutrality goal announced at the UN ‘Climate Action Summit’ in 2019, and is pursuing various projects for environmental protection and preventing global warming.

Especially in the infrastructure sector, we aim to increase our corporate value while contributing to social construction.

We are preparing for the environmental construction for the realization of a sustainable society by participating in various projects such as water pollution purification, contaminated soil purification, air pollution purification, next-generation renewable energy projects that help prevent global warming and secure energy security, and precision cleaning projects.

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Raw Materials Business

IVAYA CORPORATION is a company that conducts raw material business in various fields such as metal, non-metal, material, fuel, agriculture, etc., and aims to maximize profit and business value through business management such as business development, investment, export and import.

IVAYA CORPORATION is a company that will supply high-quality raw materials and products to the global market in a stable and sustainable manner, and contribute to the realization of prosperous societies in each country of the world.

For this purpose, IVAYA CORPORATION will continue to improve the quality and stability of its products through continuous technology development and research, and strive to maximize customer satisfaction.

IVAYA CORPORATION is a company that accurately grasps the changes and demands of the market and actively responds to them to maintain and develop its competitiveness. In addition, it will fulfill its corporate social responsibility through active responses to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues and transparent management for sustainable business development.

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Life Industry

VIXY Universe


Life Industry Group is a company that aims to create value for consumers by focusing on export-import, distribution, and platform services.

The evolving platform service of IVAYA CORPORATION that adapts to the global trends not only provides consumers with high-quality life and environment, but also enables smooth and rational consumption culture.

Also, we support our production partners to introduce eco-friendly product development and production methods, contributing to environmental protection and local community development. Through this, the Living Industry Group is fulfilling its sustainable management and social responsibility. ​



• Consumer goods industry

• Service industry

• Platform business

about ivaya corp

A company full of passion and responsibility

IVAYA CORPORATION is a private company that collaborates with domestic and foreign countries, governments, regions, and group companies to create global value.

We are engaged in a wide range of business activities in various fields such as environment and infrastructure, raw materials, and living industry. We also perform various roles such as international trade, business development, investment, joint research, manufacturing, and marketing with our business partners around the world.

Going forward, IVAYA CORPORATION aims to contribute to the global society by becoming a reliable partner for our customers through various partnerships and solid infrastructure cooperation, based on accurate prediction of new economic trends. We promise to pursue new growth with this goal in mind.

Kim Young Chan

Managing Director

Managing Director

Major Operations

We promote various fields of work to meet the new economic trends and customer needs.

Business Development & Investment

Collaborative Research




Project Lineup

IVAYA Corporation is actively engaged in business activities in three core business areas.

IVAYA CORPORATION develops and promotes projects with medium- and long-term goals.

Product Introduction

Main product lineup

IVAYA CORPORATION is a company that supplies only the essential items that are needed in various industrial fields, which is the characteristic of its product line.

IVAYA CORPORATION always strives to meet the quality, price, and delivery conditions with competitive product lines.

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