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A company that is full of passion and responsibility

about ivaya corp

Established in 2020

IVAYA CORPORATION is a private company that cooperates with domestic and foreign countries, governments, regions, and group companies to create global value.

We are expanding our business activities in various fields such as environment and infrastructure, renewable energy, raw materials, chemicals, and consumer industries. We also directly perform the roles of international trade, business development, investment attraction, joint research, manufacturing, and marketing with our business partners around the world.

IVAYA CORPORATION will continue to pursue new growth by accurately predicting the new economic trends and establishing various partnerships and robust infrastructure cooperation, aiming to become a reliable companion for customers and contribute to the global society.


A company that creates value based on innovative ideas, relentless efforts, and expertise.


Relationship | Broad and deep

Work | Empathy and teamwork


Business | Innovation and expertise


Relationship-oriented thinking

In the first half of the year, Ivayabio & Industry Co., Ltd. (currently IVAYA CORPORATION) was established and faced fierce competition in the midst of a global economic downturn and adversity caused by the new protectionism in the global market due to the difficulties of many companies such as CORONA. However, IVAYA CORPORATION accurately predicted the new economic trend and expanded its business through various partnerships and solid infrastructure cooperation.


Extensive experience

In the first half of the year, we established a strategic partnership with CEN, the original technology developer of mesoporous silica (mesoporous silica) SMB material, one of the strategic items to achieve global industrial competitiveness. We pursued international trade and research projects for raw materials and chemicals, aiming to secure overseas markets. We also signed a distributor contract for the North American region with NDFOS, a manufacturer of rapid diagnostic kits, to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We registered the trademark of KCU+, a quarantine specialist brand.

We signed a domestic distributor contract with TeraGenetics, a pharmaceutical company, for ‘Tera Multi Balm’. We signed a distributor contract for six countries with SkyBio for ‘SkyCare’.

In the second half of the year, we established an in-house research institute. We launched KCU+ Healthy Skin VITA C+. We launched KBULL engine oil additive. We registered as a supplier for CJ CheilJedang. We were selected as an export frontier company by Gyeonggi Province. We received the Million Dollar Export Tower Award from the Korea Trade Association.


Infinite responsibility

In the first half of the year, HERVA trademark registration. Business development and investment attraction agreement with Blue Networks, a specialist electric vehicle charger company. Business development and investment attraction agreement with Atom, a portable X-ray specialist company. Strategic business agreement with Dosiugen, a waste plastic recycling plant specialist company.


In the second half of the year, environmental restoration material research and development started. Microalgae mass culture technology research and development started.

Seaweed feed additive research and development started.

We participate in social contribution activities for a better world.

IVAYA CORPORATION is striving to fulfill its social responsibility and is continuing to contribute to various organizations to improve the quality of life of various members of society.

Some of our social contribution activities are:

  • ‘Goodwill Store Disabled Center’ - Support for hygiene products and job creation for the disabled

  • ‘Support project for Seoul Children’s Welfare Association’ - Donation of children’s masks during the COVID-19 period

  • ‘Donation for Ukrainian war orphans and widows by Korean Relief Service Corps’ - Donation of quarantine supplies and support funds for Ukrainian war orphans and widows

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